22 Jan

So, this has been quite a week…

I’m going to get back on top of things (life, goals, sanity) very soon, but I just felt like sharing something very random with you today.

This isn’t going to be news for some, but will probably be a little known fact for most of you… You see, I have this gift. A Spidey Sense if you will. It is be a pain, but mostly it brings a great deal of satisfaction. This give of mine is an uber-sensitive sniffer.

This gift has saved my life- GAS LEAK. It has been a tormentor- NO ONE ELSE SMELLS DEAD RAT?! But mostly it has made me happy- SCENTED PENCILS!

When I was teaching, I was infamous for having every smelly product known to man. Stickers, Pencils, Erasers, Markers, Goo… It was my THING. All the kids and teachers knew about it. I kind of miss having a good reason to buy that stuff. Although I have to admit that I still have some scented stickers and markers at my desk.

Beyond that, it is more important to me that my home smell good that to actually be clean… Strange, I know. I guess the same goes for me. I’d rather smell good than look good. LOL

Here’s just some of my favorite scents:
1. Lavender
2. Celery and Onion being sauteed
3. Amber
4. Spices (ALL of them)
5. Citrus
6. Vanilla
7. My Grandmother’s house
8. Eucalyptus and Spearmint Oil
9. Firewood Burning
10. Fresh baked bread

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