28 May
No, not that kind of upgrade!

I’m talking about my blog folks!  After writing on the world wide web for several years, it looks like I finally have a viable audience!  I say it’s all thanks to HYC!  It brought so many new readers to my blog, AND introduced me to so many fabulous blogs I had NO clue about. 

My follower count has gone from 1 follower (You Rock Amber) to nearly 20 in just about a week!  And sitemeter shows that there are many more visitors than followers!  Not that I do this all for the glory, but it’s kinda cool knowing that people are actually reading my ramblings.

In any case, I’m taking this blog much more seriously now.  I now have my own Facebook page!  (You should come be a fan!)  And I’m going to be working on a face lift over the weekend and I’ll be coming up with a game plan for posting!  Wow, I feel like such a grown-up blogger now.

You should go check out the 100 in 365 tab.  I put some picturas up in there for your viewing pleasure!  (P.S. I live in South Texas, so it’s okay for me to throw in some espanol… We call it Tex-Mex)  I plan to update pictures and measurements once a month!

If you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to see me do with my blog (i.e. content, posts, etc.), I’d love to hear them!

One Response to “Upgrades”

  1. Amber at 11:54 pm #

    I only follow people worth following!! he-he 🙂 I do love reading your blog—you are a great writer, and I totally feel all your emotion in each entry—you rock! 🙂

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