No More Faking It

6 Dec

Random picture of my little Christmas tree!

Yesterday was quite a day.  I woke up to snow which was cool.  I had to head into Lubbock early because I had to get set up for a temp job I was going to work Tuesday and Wednesday and I also had an interview later in the afternoon.  I had all of these glorious plans to get so many things done.  The streets didn’t look bad at all, so I made no adjustments before I headed out around 6:30am.

This is where I have to stop and give a little geography lesson.  Lubbock, TX sits on top of a caprock which is why it’s so flat, but you get  a little ways out of town and you head down into canyons where it’s anything BUT flat.  Post, TX is just down off of the caprock.  As soon as I got up that hill and onto the caprock, I knew I was in trouble.  ICE.  EVERYWHERE.  But I pressed forward.  There was a path worn in the road already and I was just going to take it slow and steady.  I traveled about 10 miles when I guess I got a little too confident.

The car in front of me kept slowing down for no apparent reason, so I decided to gently pass her.  I guess I forgot that my tires are nearly bald and need to be replaced.  As I was merging back in front of her, I started to skid.

I grew up in this weather!  I know how to handle a skid…  I took my foot off the gas like I was supposed to but it felt like the car accelerated anyway which made me panic.  I started overcorrecting and when I started spinning I hit the brakes flinging me off the road and down into a plowed cotton field.  I basically did everything I shouldn’t have done.  AND I felt like an idiot.  All of it was totally my own dang fault.

My car was perpendicular to traffic and I was facing an embankment that was super steep and about as tall as my vehicle.  I’ll spare all the details but a very nice gentleman tried to help me but was unsuccessful.  I tried using my emergency roadside assistance with Geico but they couldn’t get any tow trucks out in the snowstorm.  Eventually, a State Trooper came to my rescue and spent quite a bit of time getting me back on the highway.  He then scolded me for the condition of my tires and sent me back to Post.

I was going to try to salvage the day by working on Christmas gifts so I checked me bank acct only to find a mystery charge on my acct from Blockbuster.  I knew that my card was associated with the Blockbuster acct that we always used back in Corpus Christi, so this required a call to him.

I hate having to call him.  I hate the fact that I want to talk to him as much as I do.  I hate the fact that it makes me feel better to hear his voice.  I hate the fact that it is also excrutiatingly painful- like opening newly scabbed wounds.  We took care of the business at hand but then I just couldn’t get off the phone yet.  We ended up having a long conversation and I felt a little better when it was over.

In my Thanksgiving post, I mentioned that I was going to “fake it til I make it” when it came to being grateful for my marriage and him.  He and I had previously talked about how I honestly didn’t know what I had gained from the 7+ years that we were together because even memories are tainted now with questions.  But I admitted to him last night that I know for certain one blessing that came from our time together.  My relationship with Jesus Christ.

It was through my desparation that I began looking for answers, resolutions to our problems.  It was in that state that I discovered The Love Dare.  It was through that book and the work it had me do, that I gained my first testimony of Jesus Christ.  It’s not that I didn’t believe before, I just didn’t understand.  I now have a personal relationship and it is everything.  I think it took the humbling experiences and struggles in my marriage to make me able to accept the gospel and appreciate the gift of love.

My trials have been numerous.  Some have been solely the result of others choices and some have been of my own doing.  I continue to be humbled by my circumstances.  I believe that this life is meant to be difficult, that we are meant to struggle to endure.  But we also have to find ways to be grateful.

I’m thankful that I wasn’t injured or anyone else for that matter yesterday.  I’m lucky that my vehicle seems to be fine as well.  I’m grateful for my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.  I get to experience all of the joy and pain of this life because of His sacrifice.

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