DIY Quote Wall Art

8 May

I’m kinda proud to admit that I’ve been reading Young House Love since it was This Young House.  Yes, it’s been that long.  It’s my favorite blog, and pretty much the only one I still make sure I read everyday.  So it’s kind of surprising that this is the first time I’ve participated in their Pinterest Challenge!  Young House Love is actually how I first heard about Pinterest, which is basically my favorite ever.  I don’t spend as much time on there as I used to, but it’s where I find inspiration for pretty much everything.

A while back, I decided to combine two pins to create some much needed wall art for my apartment: this one and this one.

DIY Quote Wall Art

There’s some great tutorials if you follow the links I provided above.  I didn’t use letter stickers from a craft store because I wanted the words to be pretty large.  So I ordered vinyl from my friend Diane with GraffitiChic.  I’ve actually had the vinyl for about 6 months so it was time for me to get on that already!

DIY Quote Wall Art Steps

I got my canvases in a cheap 2-pack from Hobby Lobby when they were on sale a while back.  Everything else I already had.

It was difficult to get an accurate picture of the final effect, especially with just my iPhone camera.  In the picture below you get a better idea of the texture and opacity of the paint, but the color itself is brighter than in person.

DIY Quote Wall Art after

I’m really happy with the way it turned out!  I had some friends over this weekend and the project got quite a bit of attention.  I might have to make a few more!


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