Week 1 Recap

8 Dec


Completed week 1 of Dr. Fuhrman’s 6-week challenge:

Starting weight: 289.8

Today’s weight: 279.0 (down 10.8 lbs)

Total weight loss: 10.8 lbs

Um, wow.  I weighed myself at least 5 times this morning just to make sure.  Shocking results – especially when you hear about my week.

Day 1-

Started the morning with a smoothie and apple and was pleased.  Then lunch happened.  I made myself a GIANT salad of mixed greens, lots of raw veggies and some Mrs. Dash and Pomegranate vinegar.  I also heated up some black beans, added some Mrs. Dash and pico del gallo.  The salad was yummy at first, but the beans weren’t.  The no salt thing is a big hurdle when it comes to beans for me.  But I also didn’t spice them very well.  I started out by eating a few bites of salad and then a few bites of beans, but I was hating the beans, so I ended up adding them to the salad.  A few minutes later, something flipped and all of a sudden, the salad was disgusting.  I got to the point where I was taking a bite, chewing it up and then taking a big swig of water to wash it down.  I wanted to cry.  I wanted to die.  All I could do was think about how I would go through this everyday and I was going to fail!  I finally had to give up and throw out what was left:


I was so upset.  You have a goal of eating a pound of raw veggies and a pound of cooked veggies a day and I was so focused on making sure I ate it all and at that point I just felt like I would never be able to do it.  Yes, I overreact.

I got home and ate a few bites of pumpkin cheesecake.  Then I called Cassandra and confessed.  She whipped me back into shape and I decided to press forward.

I started eating my soup for dinner, and once again, it was delicious at first.  About halfway through, all of a sudden it was disgusting again!  I couldn’t finish it.  Once again, I was so dejected.  I called Cassandra again and afterward, I felt so much better and had made some decisions:

  1. I’m not going to focus on making sure I’m eating a certain amount of anything right now – just that I’m sticking to the things I can have.
  2. Going to eat salad and soup for lunch, beans and veggies for dinner so I can add more flavor to the beans.
  3. Calm down because I’m still eating much healthier than usual!

Day 2-

Lunch went SO much better.  Made myself a smaller salad and alternated between bites of salad and soup which seemed to help with flavors.  I finished everything and was super satisfied.  I also added orange to my salad which made a HUGE difference.  I was feeling like a million bucks.

I had plans with a friend that night and when I got home, I just didn’t feel like eating yet.  (Really, I didn’t feel like eating what I had to eat)  So I decided that I would just wait until I got home that night and I would be too tired and too hungry and I would just eat what I had then.  DUMB!  I totally just grabbed fast food on the way home.  Once again I felt like an idiot.  Lesson learned-

  1. Don’t wait until you’re hungry and tired to eat.  Zero self-control.
  2. Dinner is going to be the hardest time for me because it’s when I want to be comforted the most.
  3. Fruit makes everything better.

Day 3-

Started the morning with a phone call to Cassandra.  More confessions made.  She asked me if I had weighed myself yet.  I stepped on the scale and was down 4 pounds.  Even with screwing up!  It motivated me to keep going.

Breakfast and lunch were great, but when it came to dinner, I ended up screwing dinner up again.

Day 4-

Same story – breakfast and lunch were great, didn’t stay on plan for dinner.

Day 5-

Woke up late, didn’t get my smoothie made.  Didn’t get to take my lunch.  By the time I was able to eat, I had no self-control at all.  I totally gorged and was hating myself.

That night, I had a moment of clarity.  My food issues were ringing loud and clear.  Addiction, Compulsion, emotional eating…  I knew I had these issues, but at that moment it was undeniable.  THIS is why I needed to do this.  It isn’t about the weight – is about not being a slave to food.

I made a plan for Saturday and Sunday.  I am LDS and we fast for 24 hours the first weekend of every month.  We do not eat or drink for 24 hours (two meals).  There are several reasons we do this, but it’s a time that we can use to pray about specific issues we want clarity/help with.  I decided to dedicate my fast to this issue.

Day 6-

Another green smoothie for breakfast (I thoroughly enjoy them!!).  For lunch I water sautéed onions, mushrooms and spinach with some cumin and smoked paprika.  I put that mixture into a low-carb tortilla that I had toasted.  (thank you for the suggestion Cassandra!)  It was the most satisfying thing I had eaten all week.  Supper yummy.  I had two “burritos” and some soup and felt stuffed.

I started my fast with a prayer.  I asked for help overcoming my addiction to food.  I asked for guidance on what I needed to do to help myself.  I asked for greater understanding.

Normally, I really struggle with fasting.  This time I wasn’t very tempted at all.  I definitely felt strengthened spiritually.  I even went grocery shopping Saturday night without incident.

Day 7-

Started the day by reading DC 89 and a few other church resources on the Word of Wisdom.

I went to church and felt inspired by the testimonies and lessons – several of which were directly about the Word of Wisdom.  During RS, I shared a little bit about my experience this past week, and I felt confirmation that I am on the right track.  I need to press forward and I will achieve what I need to.  I also received direction to focus on scripture study and prayer right now to help me.

I finished out the day (lunch and dinner) on the right track.  My sister made an amazing dinner for her bunch and it was pretty tempting, but I made my own pot of Golden Austrian Cauliflower Soup (YUM!) and was grateful.

It was an abnormally tough week in general for me (issues going on not related to food) and I made it through.  And I’m over 10 pounds lighter!  The weight loss is great, but I care more about the spiritual breakthrough that happened.  Hopeful and happy!


4 Responses to “Week 1 Recap”

  1. mybodymytime at 12:01 pm #

    great job!!!! keep it going

  2. Jared Allen at 9:34 am #

    Awesome, my wife and I just started this on Wednesday, at the suggestion of her doctor. We’re both LDS too and we feel we’re following the word of wisdom much more closely with this diet. It’s been really tough, and only two days, but we’re already seeing small improvements. It’s good to know there’s someone we can follow who’s just a little ahead of us. We’re supporting you, keep it up!

    • brandijanelle at 9:44 am #

      I’m so glad you found my blog! How wonderful to be able to take on this challenge with your wife!! We can do hard things 🙂

      I wish you the best! I hope you will update me on your progress.

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