Week 3 Recap

23 Dec

Last week was a very successful week, but I don’t have an official weight to share. More on that in a minute.

On Monday, I was very excited because I had tried something new. I made my own salad dressing. I also made my lunch salad the night before and weighed it to make sure I met the pound of raw veggies for the day. I used a little less greens than I have been. It was a delicious salad and I was able to eat it all and enjoy it! Food is definitely starting to taste differently to me!

I joined an “Eat to Live” support group on Facebook and shared my excitement. A woman reached out to tell me about her success over the last 9 months, and offer her support. I introduced her to Cassandra and we started our own little group chat. It has been incredibly motivating and inspiring!!

I continued to have a stellar week. Wednesday and Thursday were perfect eating days. I didn’t have even a bite that wasn’t on plan. I was excited to step on the scale early Friday morning and see what the results were.

I was leaving town at 6am that morning, headed to spend Christmas with my family. I had already packed a bag of food for the trip and was ready to go. When I stepped on the scale, I was disappointed. I thought I would have lost more than a few ounces.


Around 8:30am on Friday, I sent out this SOS to my girls and they immediately responded with optimism, support and advice. It was awesome. By that afternoon, we had agreed to focus on the fact that we are taking care of our bodies and the scale doesn’t matter. We would not weigh ourselves for the next two weeks:


I stayed on plan even through traveling! Even when the rest of the family was eating the Christmas meal. I have to admit that I allowed myself a piece of cake Saturday night, which I could only eat 1/3 of because it was so sweet to me. I also had some crackers and cheese that night while we played card games, but it was nothing like how I would have normally eaten.

Because I am a bit of a rebel, I did step on my aunt’s scale before I left and I was down to 276. I’m not counting it as an official weight since it was a different scale, wrong day, etc. I don’t plan to weigh myself again until Monday, January 5.

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