23 Sep

11999758_10207319580406093_156972444776162387_oI mentioned a little while back that Jake and I had broken up, but that didn’t last too long.  We were broken up for about a month, but pretty much talked to each other that entire time.  Even after we got back together, it took a little while for us to feel like we were back together.

The long-distance made it tough.

I think we just really needed to see each other face-to-face.  When he met me in Spur for my family reunion in July, I think that’s when we both knew.  We had a special moment when it was just the three of us, Jake brought his daughter Jami, and we both felt that this was our future.  Parting ways at the end of that weekend was tough.

We had our next visit already planned for the weekend of September 11th, and it couldn’t get here fast enough.  I flew into Tulsa again, and was surprised when he wanted to go back to the “Center of the Universe.”

IMG_5592The last time I flew into Tulsa, we went to check it out because online reviews made it sound pretty interesting.  It’s supposed to be an acoustical anomaly: voice amplified in the center, muffled from the outside.  It was the first thing we went to after he picked me up from the airport.  We were both nervous and awkward since it was only the second time we had seen each other in person.  So, we get to this tourist attraction and it’s just this circle made of bricks that’s clearly in disrepair and we don’t notice any acoustical difference at all.  Jake cracked a joke and I laughed my face off – totally breaking the ice and creating our first inside joke.  It was perfect.

Needless to say, I was pretty surprised when he wanted to go see it again.  This time we did notice that his voice was slightly amplified (and echoey) in the center.  In any case, he was nervous and there were more people around than he expected…  He told me that I was the center of his universe and asked me to marry him.

Obviously, I said yes.IMG_5594He is even more shy than I am.  So it was sweet and awkward and I loved it.  We asked some Asian tourists to take our picture shortly after so we could commemorate the moment.

We are in the middle of making decisions and plans.  Many things to figure out before we can set a date, but hopefully early next year!

Jake is many wonderful things – he is a worthy priesthood holder, a devoted father, giving and loving, funny, hard-working and driven, sweet, honest and a little ornery.  And he’s crazy about me.  But the truth is that I’m the lucky one.  Can’t wait to make him my eternal companion. ❤


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